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DAMO - Remote Monitoring Device System for Manufacturing


As a machine manufacturing company, the clients's need was to control the life cycle and maintenance of the delivered equipment in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The company needed a real-time as well as history tracking information of its equipments' operation and condition at the end client's site. For example, information on equipments' overload, false use or inadequate maintenance were critical for the manufacturer.


The objective for the the solution was to develop an independent and easy-to-use system with remote and integrated connection to the plant's information and ERP systems. DA-Design helped the client to develop the DAMO concept, which combines the monitoring device, sensors and detectors as well as the remote controlling.

The DAMO™ provides the manufacturer with the connection to its devices to track their performance and maintenance requirements as well as provides real-time support for the end client's repair and maintenance personnel.

In addtion, DAMO™ records operational data of the equipment for the optimization of the processes and energy efficiency requirements.


The DAMO™ solution was well received by the client as it exceeded the original requirements. DAMO™ is a reliable, small and compact remotely controlled system.

The DAMO™ solution provides significant competitiveness both to the manufacturer and the end user. The manufacturer retrieves valuable information for its R&D to further improve the system's functionality. The end user will improve its operations by implementing the changes received as the result from the intelligent DAMO™ solution.


DAMO™ is a new generation operation and condition monitoring device for OEM machinery, specifically for rotating machines. DAMO™ helps to increase operational time of processes and helps to avoid superfluous shutdowns. DAMO™ monitors, stores events and operational history of machines 24/7. It records, analyses and stores operational data, prints out graphics, estimates maintenance periods, generates warnings and alarms to users. The device also gives preliminary information for maintenance, traces the causes and lots more. DAMO™ has versatile wired and wireless connectivity to sensors and networks.

  • The DAMO™ includes a built-in WEB server, only a WEB- browser is needed for GUI.
  • DAMO™ offers easy access via POE Ethernet, Bluetooth, GPRS/3G USB Stick and USB memory connections.

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