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DMCU - Display Module Controlling System


The client’s requirement was to develop an integrated system to control various types of mobile displays, interfaces and connectors, which are based on the current standards and specifications. With rapidly changing technology and markets, control ICs meeting the most recent standards are only available after months from the approval of the standards.


As the solution for mobile display quality validation system, DA-Design developed the Display Module Controlling System, which can easily be programmed and configured according to continuously evolving standards and specifications.

The DMCU system provides high level of flexibility that allows it to be configured for a wide range of different display module types with various resolutions, color depths, command sets, electrical interfaces and mechanical connectors.

The DMCU system comprises of hardware and PC software that is used for controlling of handset display modules independently of any actual handset and for analyzing display interface signaling. The usage of the system ranges from low-level electrical testing of display module to high level demo usage.


The significant advantage of the Display Module Controlling System is its fast and flexible configuration according to the newest standards and specifications. Therefore, the integrated system enables the verification and testing of controlled units not only within the extreme limits of operating environments, but also outside the standard boundaries.


The Display Module Controlling System, DMCU, is used for controlling display peripherals in comprehensive display quality validation:

  • Optical verification
  • Electrical verification
  • EMC/ESD verification
  • Environmental verification
  • Visual display tests
  • Demonstrations

The DMCU system has many advanced features:

  • Wide and accurate signal controlling for different display types
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Client application programming interface for automatic controlling
  • Touch module controlling
  • High speed video playback
  • Accurate power measurement
  • Supports: Display Serial Interface (DSI), Compact display port (CDP), parallel, serial and RGB display interface
  • Programmable module power and backlight supplies
  • Multi-display controlling capabilities

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