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Space Technology

DA-Design executes projects as a subcontractor for major space companies and European Space Agency ESA. We deliver systems and equipment design, manufacturing and testing as subsystems for satellites. Additionally, DA-Design executes technology studies and development for the future satellites.

For demanding space projects, our top experts have delivered RF and microwave subsystems, such as radar altimeters, leaf amplifier assemblies, receivers, calibration subsystems as well as transmitter and receiver microwave subsystems.

DA-Design's facilities enable space quality equipment manufacturing for both electrical and mechanical parts. Assembly and testing is done in a purpose built clean room facility. Measurements are mainly carried out in DA-Design in-house facilities with a possibility to test in a nominal space environment, vacuum. The clean room area contains all needed measurement equipment and simulation of space vacuum and temperatures down to +4 K.

Current projects

Sentinel-1A satellite with DA-Design subsystems was successfully launched
on April 3, 2014

DA-Design designed and delivered subsystems both to the satellite's SAR Electronics Subsystem and the Antenna Subsystem:

  •  Transmit Gain Unit
  •  Mission Dependent Filter Equipment
  •  RF Distribution Network
  •  SES RF Harness

DA-Design performed the work as a subcontrator to Airbus Defence and Space (previously Astrium UK and Germany) as well as Kayser-Threde.

Transmitter and receiver microwave subsystems for Sentinel-1 SAR, end customer European Space Agency ESA

  • Several subsystems for this 5.4 GHz SAR-satellite having similar type of usage as TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites.

Leaf amplifier assemblies for TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X , end customer EADS Astrium Germany and leaf amplifier assemblies also for PAZ EADS Casa, Spain

  • These are very stable and accurate signal distribution units to divide transmit signals and combine receive signals in the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites. Satellites produce high resolution 3D images of the surface of the earth. The data is used to follow land usage and to predict and follow nature catastrophes.




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