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Improved performance with advanced electronic solutions

DA-Design is the 7th Sense Solutions provider and partner for defence and space authorities as well as industry. The company serves Navy, Air Forces, Army and Space segments worldwide and locally in Finland.

7th Sense Solutions are a cost effective way to increase performance with new solutions or by replacing and modernizing existing systems with cutting-edge electronics. The company is a system, subsystem and equipment developer and supplier, including Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) services. Our efficient solutions are used in various demanding environments from sea depths to space vacuum.

7th Sense Solutions means detecting and communicating in the air, land or underwater with RF, magnetics, pressure, acoustic, vibration, IR, UV or any combination of the methods.

We offer multi-use technologies for military and space applications. Our typical services include various solutions:

  • Countermeasures
  • Signature detection
  • Radars and radar calibrators
  • Electronic fuzes
  • EW protection system testers
  • Radar testers and radar jammers
  • Secured data links
  • Microwave components
  • Demanding vehicle electronics

DA-Design offers research and product development for military, defence and security industry. The company has worked closely with the Finnish Defence Forces.

For more information, contact Kauko Helevirta at DA-Design Oy.