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DAVED™ - Passenger and Infortainment Displays

DAVED™ is a robust vehicle display system for public transport applications.

The DAVED™ product series enable a wide range of uses for vehicles. The displays can be used in new trams, trains and busses. The open IP interface architecture is lowering life cycle costs and enables efficient retrofitting of existing fleet. 

Passenger Information Displays


DA-Design manufactures Customized and Standard Aspect Ratio LCD displays for vehicles.

All products are LED backlighted to reach long life time and high brightness.



The displays have integrated display controllers with a large amount of different interfaces. The products can work as part of an information system or stand-alone. The displays, which can be connected to Ethernet or WLAN networks or directly to GPRS/3G networks, can also be controlled by using serial connections or displays working stand-alone according to timed content.

Infortainment Displays


More information:
DA-Design's Passenger Information Systems brochure (PDF).

Please contact us for more detailed technical specifications and drawings.




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