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Driver Control Panel

for operational safety and efficiency

DA-Design provides driver panels as part of the vehicle information system and equipment. From the operator's transport and control data, the user interfaces enable drivers to control and manage the vehicle's operations. The vehicle information system and the computer are based on open IP architecture.    


Driver Panel  

The driver panels are high-brigthness LCD displays with touch screens or separate buttons.                           


The Camera Display System

DA-Design also provides the camera system with mirrowed camera displays to improve drivers' operation of the rail car.

The cameras continuously stream views around the rail car for the driver through three paneled mirrow displays. The driver can at all times see from the camera panel what is happening at the rear end and the sides of the car. The camera mirrow system assists drivers in operational safety of the vehicle.   

More information:
DA-Design's Passenger Information Systems brochure (PDF).

Please contact us for more detailed technical specifications and drawings.



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