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RF and Microwave Applications

DA-Design supplies advanced RF and microwave solutions, designs and deliveries for industrial, communication, defence and space applications.

Digitized or analog RF, microwave and millimeterwave solutions will be implemented to fulfill your requirements. Solutions cover ultra low noise, narrow or wide band or demanding environment applications up to 300 GHz. Our quality deliveries cover industrial, space and military standards. When innovation, superior performance and functionality are required, DA-Design is the choice.

Application areas

  • Radars
  • Radar computers
  • Radar identifiers
  • Radar calibrators
  • Radar testers
  • Fake target generators
  • Radiometers
  • Data and radio links
  • Signal digitalizers
  • Video processors
  • Microwave components
  • RF components

Altimeters, Amplifiers, Antennas, Antenna positioners, Correlators, Modulators, Synthetisators, Transmitters, Radars, Radoms, Receivers, RF Digitizers, Waveguides








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