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DA-Design Oy

Tel. +358 29 0800 900
info (at) da-design.fi
Kassimäenkatu 2
FI-30300 Forssa

Excellence in system and equipment development

DA-Group offers electronics system and equipment development with embedded software, electronics, mechanics, RF and microwave engineering for demanding customer applications.

For the main part our development and engineering produces product development services on a project basis. Usually the end result of a product development project is one whole product, but smaller entitites are also catered for.

On the whole, our project management process comprises system engineering, quality management and configuration management. We utilize the most efficient and modern tools to support the project work in planning tasks, content and document management as wel as in team work sharing.



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Markus Marttila
Chief Technology Officer
Tel. +358 29 0800 949

Tero Sulonen
Chief Project Management Officer
Tel. +358 29 0800 951