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DA-Design – 7th Sense Solutions
Advanced Electronics and Systems

DA-Design is the forerunner in electronic solutions. Our passion is to increase performance and usability of applications in cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways. We help you drive your business results with our 7th Sense Solutions that improve performance.

We focus on the customer's needs. Our expertise provides revolutionary solutions by combining electronics, software, precision mechanics, RF and microwave technologies. We have helped companies in R&D, product development and critical processes to improve their business performance.

Challenge us to create innovated solutions for your company!

For nearly two decades in Finland and internationally, we have been the trusted partner for organizations operating in manufacturing and process industries, defence and security, space applications as well as information systems for urban transportation. Find out more

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View VIDEO of DARAD™ – The Electronic Warfare Suite Tester


The innovative 3-in-1 handheld EW tester performs the go/no-go testing before a mission for your crew’s safety – available now from DA-Design!